This morning Keightley decided that the fireworks were actually over and she could go outside again. My cat, Callie, was still suspicious. Due to recent news more in depth on my "hamster page" I had to clean out my old hamster cage. Callie got very curious and tried to get very close to the cage until she got wet, she hates water. Keightley was very excited and kept jumping up to see inside the cage. I pulled out the wheel from the cage and she thought I was holding a hamster so pulled a prank on her and I said " Hi little hamster" all lovey-dovey and she freaked out and jumped up to my neck to look in my hands. Now writing this blog post both of them are sleeping on my couch after a tiring play fight. Callie jumped on Keightley and the used thier arms to wrap around each other until Keightley got up and actually got Callie to chase her. It was very funny to watch as my "fluffy" cat couldn't catch my very fast dog and get frustrated. Keightley finally gave up and let Callie pounce on her because she would never hurt my cat or her feelings. They love each other. 

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